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When we  heard Yeager's Mother, Dreya, was going to be bred to Rebel, we thought a pup from that litter would be a great addition to our gang! Yeager joined us in 2020 at 7 weeks and has definitely lived up to expectations!  He is so much fun - he is always ready to go! Yeager is a  quick learner, a tremendous worker,  but has an off switch in the house. 


Born during the pandemic, we sent Yeager to Dynamic Retrievers for further training after foundation training here at home. A huge thank you to the whole Dynamic team for turning our boy into an awesome field dog! He went 5/5 in Senior and then got 6 straight master passes to finish up his MH and qualify for the 2022 Master National at 25 months.

We are currently continuing his field training and he has just started competing in AKC agility. Yeager never does anything halfway, he is FAST,  and he  is surprising agile for his size!

Yeager in front of water.jpg
Yeager Start Jump.jpg
Yeager in front of water.jpg
Yeager Table.jpg
Vesta Purina 3_edited.jpg
Yeager Second Panel.jpg
Yeager close up in mud.jpg
Yeager Jump 1.jpg
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